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Livin' in fast forward
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In Fast Forward
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Welcome to in_fast_forward, graphics journal of fleur_de_mort. Me. :D This is where all my icons and layouts and whatnot are going to be posted. I'll not promise updates at certain times, as I tend to be very, very sporadic, but I do try to keep a little consistency. Check back! Who knows what you'll find! - Comment to tell me what graphic you're taking. This benefits all, as I'll know what people like!
- Credit! Please, guys, credit me. I can't physically force you, but it's very much appreciated. Not to mention polite.
- NO HOTLINKING! Save images to your own server, please. I'm just a poor broke college kid, so hotlinking is Teh Evilz.
- No altering graphics. Unless I specifically say, I don't make icon bases. If there's no text, it's a textless icon, not a base.
-Don't claim my stuff as your own. This just makes me sad.
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